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Motivational stories

Motivational stories have the ability to lift us up,
make us smile, encourage, motivate, and teach us

valuable life lessons. Here are some motivating

stories that will hopefully help you spark that
motivational feeling.

The Good You Do, Comes Back To You

The story of a blind girl

Learning from Mistakes

大声说出你的爱 Say I Love You

The hospital window

How Much Do You Make An Hour?

The Story of the Butterfly

Fulfilling a Promise

look in your heart .The soldier short story

King Solomon and the baby just a love test

When A Lizard Can, Why Can't We?

Healing Stories,teaching Stories

Soaring to new heights

Recognizing your abilities

Do you feel unimportant?
Areyou reacting with anger?
Are you seeking attention even if negative?
Then this's a story for you

English Educational Materials

My English books( Easy English for daily communication;

Vocabulary starter)


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Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream

Vocabulary for jobs

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Vocabulary for Clothes for work and leisure

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Great Educational Videos from BBC


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'How Much Do You Make an Hour' is a motivational story? Not for me.

And yeah....why can't we be more like lizards?

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sounds like the last topic has been deleted, pm if you would like more informtion about free Chinese learning materials

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wtf. they don't do anything about misogynistic comments but patrol for learning Chinese. And deleted two polite "thank you comments." flabbergasted.

@onlyone. thanks again for being generous, but no one will know what to pm you for as your list is deleted.

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