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Marin's Food Talks and documentary screening


This month join us for a two part discussion on the challenges of eating healthy as a modern-day consumer. The first meeting will focus on meat and look at both how much (if any) meat we need to eat to be healthy and watch What's For Dinner?, a documentary filmed in China about the way that factory farming has changed the quality of meat. The second will focus on fresh produce and will discuss the health effects of chemical pesticides and fertilizers as well as GMOs and give advice as how to find alternatives. Each time we will hear from different speakers including the owner of Tusheng shiguan, an organic farm-to-table restaurant, and Dou Hong, a specialist at PEAC (Pesticide Eco-Alternative Center).

Come participate for free, but call in advance to make sure a space is reserved for you: 18687530318.

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The Elephant Books • Wenhua Xiang 4-6 (in courtyard behind Mazagran)