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Culture 7:00pm

Green Screening, June, Life in the Doghouse


Kindly reminder,

please don’t miss out on our second Stray Pet Awareness Event on Wednesday.

We are super excited to have invited a team of certified pet training instructors to speak at our next film screening!

Sherry Cai, one of the founders of the Yunnan Therapy Dog Team, is a certified national pet training instructor from Yunnan who has been involved in the development of pet training in China since 2005. She will share and discuss the theme of: “From the perspective of pet training, how I see the abandonment of stray animals and the restart of their lives.”

In addition, Bonny who has studied and lived overseas for more than 10 years and has always been passionate about animal welfare and volunteering at animal shelters, will share her personal story of rescuing dogs in China.

We will also be joined at the film screening this month by the therapy dog Qibao .

Please help share and spread the news on your social media platforms. Limited seatings, please DM to secure a spot.

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