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Live music 8:00pm

Tymo Neuville


The Dutch Destroyer is back on the Turtle stage with a new crew, and they are prepared to do whatever they wanna do! Bringin' a mindblowing mix of funkadazical bomb biggity, this super crew is sure to get booties shakin like juvenile, and minds blowin like the first time you realized Dark Side of the Moon sync's up with The Wizard of Oz! Joined by the saxxiest special guest on sax Jalil, and in the hood Alli Good, it will certainly be a show for the ages. Show starts at ten so don't miss it!
T3 is bringin ya the finest in bands, hip hop, DJs, cocktails, local craft beer, and much more in all of Panlongqu, so come on down and check it out, hear what the rage is all about!

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T3 Tongde Turtle • Beijing Lu, Tongde Kunming Plaza, Yuehui Fang, B1-06