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Green Screening Series October


Hi friends, Green Screening Series October event will take place on the 28th. This month it features a documentary series called Water: H2O Stories and we will watch the third episode which is focusing on sustainable water managements. Jerry Tang, a water protection activist will be sharing some of his intriguing stories on water. Following the film, we will do chlorine residual testing with him. More details will be shared shortly. Please PM to sign up, I will add you to the attendance list.

大家好,绿色系列放映十月活动将在这个月28号晚举行。本期,我们会分享一部科教纪录片,水的故事。水的故事为总共三集的系列片,本次活动我们讲播放第三集,关于水的可持续管理。中国水环保科普者唐诗超将会带来他有趣的分享“我和我的水”。 影片放映结束后,大家会一起参与体验检测水样本余氯含量及 pH值检测。我们将很快跟大家分享本期推文内容,了解本次活动更多信息。请私信预订位置。

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