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Dining & Drinks 6:00pm 100 yuan

Anti-Halloween Party! 100¥ all-you-can-eat buffet


many excuses to let CANTINA be the Partystarter point this Saturday October 31st!
if you don't give a f*** about Halloween madness, but you still like good food, drinks and party


if you are excited about a long night of Halloween events, come to Cantina and get your stomach and soul ready:
- ANTI-HALLOWEEN BUFFET, as usual with THE LOT on the bar buffet (Pizza by meter mixed flavours, Croquettes&meatballs, Minipanini cold cuts & cheese, Pumpkin soup, Baked Pasta, Sausages & lentils stew,Truffle Mashed potatoes) + 1 drink (prosecco, spritz, wine or beer) 128rmb at the door, 100 presales WITHIN FRIDAY 2PM
- special promo on spritz, prosecco and negroni
- Super Gin&Tonics!

SPECIAL HALLOWEEN CANTINA+DADA DEAL: Get your stomach and soul ready for the long DADA party night @ CANTINA-WINE&CHAT food buffet 128rmb (100 presales within Friday 2pm), add 28 and get a coupon for a free mixed drink

— “抵制万圣节”自助餐,将和往常的自助餐一样丰盛(一米披萨,混合肉类,香肠,南瓜汤以及其它),包含一杯饮品(起泡酒或葡萄酒或spritz或啤酒)。现场售价128元/位,如果你在本周五30号下午14点前确认和预付的话,只需100元/位。另外再支付28元获得DADA俱乐部饮品券一张!
— 起泡酒,spritz,Negroni 特价
— 亨利爵士超级金汤力

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Cantina • Wine & Chat • 9 Hongshan Dong Lu, Backstreet Block, building 11-1