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Live music 8:00pm 70 yuan

Story | Original improvisation concert

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The world of the past full of life and stories are brought to us and kept alive in the words of songs and poems. Having a mind to taste a little bit of those times, we decided to make this concert.

Stories are places filled with descriptions, approximation and guesses of the past, where we can give free rein to our imagination. Whether it is the chanting melodies of the European Middle Ages or the Tang poets entrusting their emotions to the moon, I think that if we use music as the vehicle of passing these treasures on, we can combine them into a new splendid story.

For this concert I have freely composed melodies for the words of five Tang Poems. These will stand side by side with improvisations over old Scandinavian melodies.

To join me I have invited the talented young musician George who will join me in common creation. I have also invited the spirited dancer Chen Jia who with her flowing limbs will make words come alive.

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TCG Nordica (new location) • Runcheng Di Er Dadao, 3rd Floor, Mall 1 (Rixin Lu and Qianxing Lu intersection)

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