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Live music 8:00pm 50 yuan

Yunnan Ethnic Orchestra: Classic Chinese Music

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The Yunnan Nationalities Orchestra 云南民族乐团 is affiliated to the Yunnan Provincial Flower Lantern Theatre 云南省花灯剧院.

They integrate traditional music with ethnic music by using representative Yunnan ethnic musical instruments, such as Hulusi, Xiao Erhu, etc.."

Tickets: 50-180 yuan

Overture: Fragments of each instrument's performance

"High Mountain and Flowing Water" Guzheng
"Two Springs Reflected in the Moon" Erhu Yangqin Bass
"The River Flows"
"Pinghu Autumn Moon" Gao Hu Yangqin
"Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye" Pipa Guzheng

"The Butterfly Lovers" Erhu Yangqin bass
"Pipa" Ruan Bass in Pipa Guzheng
"Yi Dance" Pipa Guzheng Percussion Bass
"Horse Racing" All
"Ambush on Ten Sides" Pipa
"Flower and Full Moon" All

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