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Deserted, Shell Shock, Leon.Q & Wong!


We have a special night coming up this Friday! The Turtle Bar would like to introduce you to their brand new house band, "Shell Shock".

Shell Shock (or '震动龟壳' in Chinese) are a rock cover band specializing in Western music, fronted by Canadian guitarist/vocalist Braden Humphreys, and this Friday they will be hitting the stage to bring you high energy hits that are guaranteed to get the party rocking!

They play a variety of music that ranges from pop, to rock, to hip-hop & alternative, and much more to come!

This Friday will be there first time performing for The Turtle Bar weekend crowd, so let's give them a warm welcome!

The opening act will be a Chinese band called 荒 (or 'Deserted' in English); founded in 2017, this band from Kunming University also play a variety of different styles, however, they specialize in indie rock.

The final act of the evening will be a DJ duo of Leon.Q & Wong, bringing you funk & disco for the rest of the night!

We hope to see you all there!

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