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If there's anybody in Kunming that is looking for a new place to go that serves good quality western food, I would like to recommend that they try Fürst Carl Hausbrauerei & Schankstube! Fürst Carl is a German restaurant/brewery that has a great selection of German dishes, as well as many other kinds of western food! I personally have tried many of the items from the menu, and have yet to be disappointed! Here are some of my own personal favourites:

1. The Prince Burger: This Australian Angus beef burger stacked with an egg & a slice of smoked pork belly, topped with cheddar cheese & drizzled with a special house-made burger sauce inside of an English muffin also comes with a side of fries, and is a great choice for anybody that has a large appetite, as well as anybody that has a preference for high protein is well deserving of the crown as the best burger in the town!

2. The Meat Lasagna: This extra thick lasagna is stuffed with finely ground beef & is smothered in swathes of warm red pasta sauce; it is a great choice for anybody that is looking to devour something decadent & delicious!

3. The Buddha Bowl: This nourishing synthesis of vegetation is a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the belly with it's healthy mix of green & purple veggies, as well as crunchy clusters of roasted chickpeas, sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds, and it is filled to the brim with energizing nutrients & invigorating minerals; this one is a great choice for anybody that is looking for something vegan-friendly that is clean, green & rejuvenating to graze on!

They also have some good snack foods, such as spring rolls, and a fruit platter, as well as some great sandwiches...go on and see for yourself!