The fine beer specialities have been in existence since 1690 in our castle brewery. You could experience a piece of brewing history by trying / tasting our beer. What makes our beers so unique? The FÜRST CARL beers are still brewed today following the traditional method, in the copper kettle in our historical brew-house. Our ingredients are natural and come from Ellingen and the surrounding region: water from our own spring, hops and malt from Ellingen and our region, Franconia. With the craft of our brewers and the love of beer we create our very best Franconian beer specialties. Our beers are truly excellent and beer lovers around the world are passionate about them!

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  • NameFürst Carl Hausbrauerei & Schankstube
  • Address128 Shulin Street, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65899199
  • Hours11:30-24:00
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Fürst Carl Hausbrauerei & Schankstube • 128 Shulin Street

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If there's anybody in Kunming that is looking for a new place to go that serves good quality western food, I would like to recommend that they try Fürst Carl Hausbrauerei & Schankstube! Fürst Carl is a German restaurant/brewery that has a great selection of German dishes, as well as many other kinds of western food! I personally have tried many of the items from the menu, and have yet to be disappointed! Here are some of my own personal favourites:

1. The Prince Burger: This Australian Angus beef burger stacked with an egg & a slice of smoked pork belly, topped with cheddar cheese & drizzled with a special house-made burger sauce inside of an English muffin also comes with a side of fries, and is a great choice for anybody that has a large appetite, as well as anybody that has a preference for high protein is well deserving of the crown as the best burger in the town!

2. The Meat Lasagna: This extra thick lasagna is stuffed with finely ground beef & is smothered in swathes of warm red pasta sauce; it is a great choice for anybody that is looking to devour something decadent & delicious!

3. The Buddha Bowl: This nourishing synthesis of vegetation is a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the belly with it's healthy mix of green & purple veggies, as well as crunchy clusters of roasted chickpeas, sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds, and it is filled to the brim with energizing nutrients & invigorating minerals; this one is a great choice for anybody that is looking for something vegan-friendly that is clean, green & rejuvenating to graze on!

They also have some good snack foods, such as spring rolls, and a fruit platter, as well as some great sandwiches...go on and see for yourself!