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In The City @ Vervo!

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Straight from the headquarters of China’s underground party scene, Spirit Tribe, we’ll be IN THE CITY for a new series of cross genre events. With a high-class roster of local artists and drawing on over 9 years experience in China’s electronic music scene - In The City is an outlet for the diverse electric tastes that exist at Spirit Tribe outside of Psytrance. Its our way to explore and enjoy any and all styles of dance music. IN THE CITY is set to redefine clubbing in China.
旨在推广一系列跨电子音乐流派的新理念,灵族将从中国地下派对的总部出发,前往中国的各大城市。灵族在中国电子音乐界已经积累了超过9年的发展经验。而ITC派对品牌是灵族为发展除Psytrance外其他多元化的电子音乐类型而特别成立的。在探索优质音乐的进程中,IN THE CITY的活动理念将重新定义国内的地下音乐派对。

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Vervo Club & Bar • 71 Qianwang Jie, Zhengyi Fang (North Side)