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Live music 8:00pm 50 yuan

Northern Lights

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The three Swedish artists and local artists have known each other 11 years ago through music and dance. When standing on the same stage again, artists' true emotional was spread out , Thus they decided offer an drama show at 20:00 pm on May 13 in TCG Nordica.

Dancer Annika Bergmark, Annasara Yderstedt, and musician Jonatan Lundin will perform together with dancers Chen Jia, Luo Zheng, musicians Han Ying, Zhang Yu, including Nordic students Emma Nikoline, Eilev Stoveland Dekko, and Wilma Hening.

10 artists will bring the musical dance drama "NORTHERN LIGHTS" together.

For tickets and more information,please check NORTHERN LIGHT

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TCG Nordica (new location) • Runcheng Di Er Dadao, 3rd Floor, Mall 1 (Rixin Lu and Qianxing Lu intersection)

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