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Warm up Party Kunming 预热派对巡演-昆明站

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下一步我们将进化到2018年,灵族将为昆明带来一个魔法与狂喜的音乐之夜! 在醉龟酒吧,你将提前感受到来自于2018年4月5日-7日的第五次灵族音乐节。

Psytrance将舞池变成一个巨大的共振旋涡,带我们穿越“灵族:进化 2018”的通道!

On the next step towards Ascension 2018, Spirit Tribe once more descends upon Kunming for a night of magic, music, and mayhem! At The Turtle Bar you’ll get a glimpse of what’s to come at the fifth Spirit Tribe festival in Yunnan from April 5.-7.

Psytrance will blast and the dancefloor will transform into a swirling mass of psychedelic vibration as we transcend dimensions on our road to Spirit Tribe:Ascension 2018!

振奋你的灵魂,进入迷人的仙境,与昆明的宇航员们一起前往进化之路。 GoaProductions的“Atoned Splendor”,“DK“和“Sixears””一起将在无限魔力堂和”Crystal Cortex“创造的视觉仙界里引导这个耳视目听的旅程。

Revive your soul, enter a mesmerizing wonderland and join Kunming’s psychedelic cosmonauts on their way to Ascension. GoaProductions’ Atoned Splendor, Sixears and DK will guide you on your journey through a psychedelic maze for the senses, decorated by Infinite Bizarre and conjured to life by Crystal Cortex.

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The Turtle • Jianshe Lu. Xiexin Tiandi, 1st floor, #11

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