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Conventions Nov 9 – Nov 13 10 yuan

Agriculture Fair (农博会)


2017 The 13th China Kunming International Agricultural Fair

Main Venue: Kunming International Convention & Exhibition Center(on Guomao Road)

Branch Venue:
Dounan International Flower Industrial Park (in Chenggong district)
Chennong Agricultural Expo Park (in Songming county)

Ticket price: 10 yuan/person

The Expo is an important platform to demonstrate Kunming and Yunnan's plateau agriculture and new agricultural technologies and products from China and the world. It will also provide great opportunities for exhibitors and participants to communicate and cooperate.

This Expo will set 2,200 standard booths, with a total exhibiting area of over 40,000 square meters. It integrates exhibition, negotiation and sales, highlighting the exhibition and selling of good-quality agricultural products.

No. 1: International, HK, Macao and Taiwan Hall
Over 170 companies from 16 countries and Taiwan will gather in this hall, to demonstrate their products. The total number of booths reaches 240.

No. 2: Walnut Hall
Yunnan's 170 companies and organizations, which specialize in the planting, processing and selling of walnuts, will gather in this hall. The total number of booths reaches 240.

No. 4: Domestic Comprehensive Hall
Exhibitors from China's major agricultural product bases and Yunnan will gather here. The total number of booths reaches 570.

No. 5: Hall of Kunming
Exhibitors from districts and counties of Kunming will gather in this hall, to demonstrate the achievements of Kunming's agriculture and poverty alleviation. The total number of booths reaches 420.

No. 6: Hall of Yunnan
Exhibitors from Yunnan's universities, academies, agricultural departments of 16 prefectures and cities will gather in this hall. The total number of booths reaches 430.

No. 7: Health & Intelligence Agriculture Hall
The opening ceremony will be held here. 40 companies from the fields of intelligent agriculture, agricultural technology and healthy agriculture will participate. The aim of setting this hall is to promote the extension of healthy agriculture, healthy food industry and the development of Kunming's Great Health sector.

Two outdoor exhibition areas
Area 1: cuisines from the 16 prefectures and cities of Yunnan. In total 50 booths;
Area: 2: promotion area of agricultural machinery; exhibition area of 1,600 square meters.

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