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Dance Workshop + Conference + Performance


Dance Workshop + Choreography
Workshop + Conference + Performance

严斯·皮耶哥德 / 北极光舞团(丹麦)
Jens Bjerregaard / Aurora Borealis

昆明 2017年年10月16-22日
Kunming, 16-22. October 2017
Kunming Enigma Dance Arts Creatives invites Danish choreographer Jens Bjerregaard to lead dance workshops in Kunming, he will share with experienced dancers, as well as dance novices and amateurs, a series of tools to create their own movement material, use improvisational exploration based on clear and precise movement exercises, explore and expand thinking behind movement, in order to create an understanding of structure and freedom in dance.
For this master workshop, Enigma Dance Arts Creatives collaborates with "ZaoTang Club", accompany Jens to create an avant-garde contemporary dance event, include: one dance workshop “Strength and Alignment”, one dance workshop “Flow and Awareness”, one choreography workshop, one public conference and one choreography happening for the week between Oct 16 and 22, the whole event will be recorded and made into a video work.
Workshop A - Dancers

First Stage - Flow and awareness
(Contemporary Technique class)
The Contemporary approach of Bjerregaard is based freely on Cunningham, yoga and release technique. The technical work emphasizes flow and body wareness-always conscious of creating connections within the body and beyond. The dancers are challenged to explore their possibilities and go further then their perceived limits. The physical body and the memory are explored equally thus creating a practical awareness and functional development of the movement.

Date: Oct 16 - 18 (Monday - Wednesday)
Time: 10:00-12:00
Location: Enigma Dance Arts Creatives Center

Second Stage - Choreography
Location: ZaoTang Club
Date: Oct 19 - 21 (Thursday - Saturday)
Time: Thu, Fri: 10:00-12:00
19:00-21:00 (w/ Workshop B)
Sat: 9:30-12:30, 13:30-16:30(w/ Workshop B)
Location: ZaoTang Club
Places: 10 persons, 6 will be selected for the performance
Fee: Two stages of workshops - 6 days 20 hours - 1880 RMB
Workshop B - Novices and Amateurs
First Stage B1 - Strength and Alignment
(Body Conditioning Class)
Bjerregaard has been training dancers for years, and has realized that professionals and non-professionals run into the same obstacles due to dysfunctional strength and unhealthy body alignment. Developing your core strength is like giving yourself a body makeover: it goes beyond the surface muscles and asks a balanced development of the deep internal ones that stabilize, align and stretch the body. Simple exercises, inspired from Contemporary Dance techniques, Pilates and Yoga, will release the tension that the body retains and allow a smooth functioning of all the joints for a healthy, pain-free
posture and for increased stability in motion.
*Participants may choose to take part in the first stage of workshop only.
Date: Oct 16 - 18 (Monday - Wednesday)
Time: 19:00-21:00
Location: Enigma Dance Arts Creatives Center
Fee: 3 days 6 hours - 680 RMB, single class - 250 RMB

Second Stage - Choreography Workshop
(Participants are required to complete the first stage of workshop)
Date: Oct 18 - 21 (Wednesday - Saturday)
Time: Thu, Fri: 19:00-21:00 (w/ Group A)
Sat: 9:30-12:30、13:30-16:30(w/ Group A)
Location: ZaoTang Club
Places: 10 persons, 2 will be selected for the performance
Fee: Two stages of workshops - 6 days 16 hours 1480 RMB

For application and inquiry:
Add “wuyanwuyu812” , leave your name and phone number as message, we will reserve the application and contact you.

Public Conference

Title: TBC
Subject: Review of the video and 6 days’ workshop,
presentation of Scandinavia Contemporary dance style. (TBC)
Date: Oct 21 (Saturday)
Time: 19:30-21:00
Location: Elephant Art Center

Choreography Performance

Date: Oct 22 (Sunday)
Time: 9:00-11:00 Rehearsal / 15:00 Performance
Location: ZaoTang Club

*Fee for audience who participates two public events: 100

Jens Bjerregaard / Aurora Borealis (DK)
Trained in at the Laban Centre (UK), Bjerregaard has been active in dance since 1992 and established in 1998, the award-winning ensemble Urban Elves. In 2005, Bjerregaard founded Mancopy and quickly developed an unconventional structure welcoming collaborations with artists from all over the world. In 2007, he founded Archauz, the first
Choreographic Centre in Denmark, where he curated festivals, organized international choreography competitions and
created outreach programs. He has also been choreographing for companies, curating and creating professional opportunities for young artists and been jury member on several international competitions. For the past 5 years,
Bjerregaard has been spending time in the Middle East, performing, teaching, and creating projects. He is currently choreographer on “So you think you can dance” TV Show, in its first edition in the Arab World. As an artist Bjerregaard practice dance as an abstract, transcendent form of
expression. He has persistently followed his own choreographic direction. His style is spellbinding and displays a certain ‘Scandinavian feel’, based on a consciousness of form and visual design.
Jens Bjerregaard/Aurora Borealis was established in early 2015 and serves as a platform for the artistic work and international collaborations of Danish choreographer Jens Bjerregaard.

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