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Valentines@Valhalla - Sandro & Couple's Specials


We'd like to think that Valhalla is the most romantic Western Venue for a couples date night!

For Valentine's Day we are going to add to the mood with the romantic sounds of Sandro and several Couples food & drink specials:

Special #1 "I like you alot!":

His n Hers Cheeseburgers + 2 Pints of Beer

Special #2 "I love you!":

BBQ Aussie Sirloin Steak+Rotisserie Chicken + Bottle of House Wine 398RMB
Special #3 "I really love you!":

BBQ Porterhouse Steak (666g) + Chicken Caesar Salad + Selection of our Mid-Range Wines 777RMB
Special #4 "Eternally Yours":

BBQ Porterhouse Steak(666g) + Rotisserie Chicken + selections from our Upper-Range Wines 888RMB

All special include a combination appetizer platter of Valhalla Beer-battered Cauliflower & Onion Rings & Fries

Advance Reservations are recommended.

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