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The Lonely Wanderer: 3 Artists Exhibition


Exhibition Opening Time: On March 14, 2015, 8pm
Exhibition Time: On March 14, 2015 to April 14, 2015 (closed on Sunday)
Artist: Cui Yu, Ou Lingyi, Sun Hui
Essay: Wang Ziyun
Artistic Direct: Luo Fei

Cui Yu, Ou Lingyi and Sun Hui are three post-80s artists graduated from Yunnan Arts University. Based on the similar ideas they share towards art and life, such as having interests in the small things and daily scenes around them, pursuing painting skill diligently, trying to express mental experience purely, painting to them is like self-modifying. All these make their painting unique, from which we could see self-restriction and academic tradition. Comparatively, the paintings of Cui Yu are more philosophical, while Ou Lingyi’s are more about reflection of life, and Sun Hui focuses on expressing the relation between space and parts of object in Modernistic way. While painting, they restrain their conception and emotion consciously. Just as a quote from them, these painting are more about exploring painting skill.
We present to you “The Lonely Wanderers” – a joint exhibition by Cui Yu, Ou Lingyi and Sun Hui. The opening is on March 14th 8 pm. There will be more than 20 pieces of oil painting. The artists will also share their thoughts. You are most welcome to come!

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