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The Loaf is making Bread!


Are you missing real, crunchy, homemade bread?

The Loaf is selling bread every Sunday afternoon at DT Bar!

Join us for a sunny Sunday afternoon and evening Garden Party with bread, drinks & live music outside!

We have Plain White (35Y), White with Caraway (35Y) and Whole Wheat (40Y). Loafs are ~750gr of crispy, crunchy goodness.

To make sure you get your loaf order Saturday before 6pm using the WeChat QR Code on the right!!

You can also order directly at DT or send me (Ian_Kunming) a private message.

Pick up your loaf Sunday after 4pm at DT Bar.

We always have some extra loafs if you forgot to order.. ;)

Real bread.
You know you want it.
Stop pretending.

The Loaf.
We won't leave you breadless.

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