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Sebastian Schunke “Berlin Quartet”


Since more than 12 years the Sebastian Schunke Group forms an energetic part of the international Jazz Scene. Sebastian Schunke is one of the young leading Jazz composers and pianists – world wide, based in Berlin. As a soloist and with with his group he always creates a fresh and totally new sound, unifying the modern Berlin Jazz with African and Latin American elements. Sebastian Schunke brings together international renown Jazz musicians coming from different cultures: Paquito de Rivera, Antonio Sanchez, Dafnis Prieto, John Benitez, Yosvany Terry, Richie Flores or Pernell Saturnino were part of his group and contributed to his unique sound. With 6 international acclaimed CDs and several tours to Asia, Latin America, Europe and the US – Sebastian Schunke has achieved a strong name in the Jazz community. His strongest and most innovative project is his 2008 founded “Berlin Quartet”: With this band he creates a totally new and unpredictable sound and toured with incredible success the whole world.

Members of the Berlin Quartet

Sebastian Schunke – piano, compositions (Berlin)
Sebastian Schunke was born in 1973 and began learning classical piano when he was six. His main influences in the early stages were Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin and Debussy. At the age of 12 he began studying Latin jazz as well, being influenced initially by Eddie Palmieri and later by Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Chick Corea and Danilo Perez.

In 1996 aged 22 Sebastian Schunke made the move to New York, it was a special challenge for Schunke as an European to not only come to grips with the rhythmics of Latin America but also to avoid following them in a traditional manner and instead to let them transform into a new groove in irregular measures, while at the same time colouring them with the influence of his European roots, so enabling, along with native New Yorkers and European and Latin American musicians, something new and original to emerge.

In 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2013 Sebastian won the Berlin Jazz Award. Sebastian is the first European Musician who has developped his own international acclaimed EuroLatin Stile. His compositions are changing he keeps his music fresh, so coming from his own Latin Stile he nowadays leads the music to a hip experimental world jazz – totally new and unpredictable.

Dan Freeman – sax (Berlin/Australia)
Dan Freeman born 1981 in Tasmania, was introduced to music by his parents listening to International greats such as the Beatles, Queen, Elton John and AC/DC. He started playing keyboard at the age of 9 and started playing Clarinet at 11 years of Age. 2 years later he changed to Saxophone. Freeman was 17 when he started studying Jazz saxophone at the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music. 4 years later he moved to Berlin where he continued to study at the Hanns Eisler Hochschule für Musik. In 2006 he recieved his Diplom in Jazz Saxophone and he studied Jazz-Masters at the Jazz Institut Berlin.

Since coming to Europe in 2003, he has played in bands such as the Sebastian Schunke Band (Latin-Jazz), the Sabine Zlotos Quartett (winner of the Jazz and Blues Award Berlin 2006), Rotfront (Russian/Hungarian/German Ska/Raggae/Disko/Zigeuner Band), Griot Music Company (Senegal Jazzfusion Band), Funk Delicious (supported Cool and the Gang) and toured in a variety of Countries such as Holland, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Bosnia, China, Colombia and Laos. Dan is one of the most interesting figures in the modern Berlin Music Scene.

Marcel Krömker – bass (Berlin)
33 year old doublebass player Marcel Krömker is living in Berlin. For 3 years he studied, lived and developed his musical carrer in Amsterdam. He took lessons and workshops a.o. with John Scofield, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Richard Bona, John Clayton, Avi Shai Cohen, Scott Colley, Joey Baron, Terry Lynn Carrington, Fred Hersch, Kenny Werner, David Friedman. He recieved several 1st prices on German Jazz competitions like “Jugend Musiziert” in 1999 and “Jugend Jazzt” in 1999 and 2001.

Currently he is mainly playing with Sebastian Schunke Group, Chris Gall Trio feat Enik, Pär Lammers Trio, Ed Kröger Quintett and my own Band Mr. EART, which he writes the tunes for. Marcel had the chance to perform with greats like Michael Moore, Nils Landgreen and Jasper Blom and he was touring the last years in Africa, USA, China, Estonia, Korea, Iceland, Shetland Islands, Budapest and lots of other places and festivals in Europe. Marcel is known for being one of the most innovative bass players of the new and modern Jazz Scene in Berlin.

Diego Pinera – drums (Berlin/Uruguay)
Diego Pinera was born in Montevideo (Uruguay). He lives in Berlin, Germany. When Diego Pinera left Uruguay at the age of 18, he went to the Universidad de arte y musica de la Havana, Cuba. He also got the chance to learn and play with famous Cuban musicians like Enrique Pla (drummer of Irakere) and with newcomer Joaquin Pozo (conga player). After his time in Cuba, Pinera got hired for one year in a salsa orchestra in Seattle, called Orquesta Cambalache featuring Melcochita on vocals. Back in Uruguay he formed his own trio “Diego Pinera trio” and recorded the CD “Buscando” on the Perro Andaluz label.

Sometimes he brings his music closer to Pop and Modern Jazz styles rather than sticking to traditional Latin Jazz styles, often concentrating on the original, rich rhythmic aspects of his improvisational approach. Nonetheless, his way of playing is deeply ankered in the traditional music of Latin America.

ADD: TCG Nordica, Xiba Road 101 or Yongle Road 60
TICKET: 50RMB(In advance) 60RMB(In door)

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