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Activity 7:00pm 10 yuan

International Corner Night


"Da Big House" English corner is back with a new topic, new game, new activity and a new song! This week our topic is the triple E “easy, ethical, entrepreneur” vs “什么仇什么怨” we will discuss this phenomenon and play fun and inspiring games about ethics in business and of course how to make it big and transform yourself from a Scrub to a Boss! We will play exciting and effective English learning games so you can improve your English vocabulary especially the common Chinese words with hard to find meaning in dictionaries. This week we will learn about this popular phrase

“什么仇什么怨” so we can deal with this type of people

and exactly how to say this phrase in authentic English! You can only learn it here in Da Big House! and the song would again be a classic song that everyone can try it out, so come check us out again this wed night at 7pm at dongfengxilu shuncheng tower 1901,(东风西路顺城西塔1901)many foreign and Chinese business people would come to networking, only 10 yuan at entrance (drinks and fruits included) this week we will have melon seeds, flower seeds, and Pepsi! Call ABCurtis at 15288452705 for details!

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