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Yunnan's '18 Stranges'

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'Straw hats are pot covers'
'Straw hats are pot covers'
Yunnan takes pride in being home to the '18 Stranges' (十八怪), or 18 things that make Yunnan stick out as a bit odd when compared to the rest of the country.

We recently came across a good roundup and translation of Yunnan's 18 Stranges at local blog Sebrina and Justin. The list is actually more than 18, but Yunnan is rather unique in many ways.

You can also check out this site for the official 18 Stranges of Yunnan in Chinese with some translation.

Among some of the official 'Stranges' are selling eggs by the cord, smoking tobacco out of big waterpipes, elderly women climbing mountains faster than monkeys, the pounded rice cakes called er kuai and embroidered shoes with mud flaps. The Stranges are more prevalent in the countryside than in Kunming, but you can still see most of them here today.

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