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Kunming government on global headhunting mission

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The Kunming government is opening its doors to 40 economists from around China and the globe with the hope of finding candidates who can help build the city into a trade, transport, finance and culture hub, according to a kunming.cn report.

Taking a cue from the municipal governments of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou – all of which have recently hired staff from overseas – Kunming is in search of candidates with doctorate degrees in economics to work in positions such as deputy county chief, assistants to directors of development zones and deputy directors of selected municipal departments, the report said.

Candidates should be under the age of 40 and preferably have a background in urban planning, international trade or finance. Although Chinese media is promoting this as a global talent search, one of the conditions for applicants is that they hold Chinese citizenship.

Successful applicants will work a trial period of one to two years before being assigned their posts.

The invitation to economists from beyond China's borders suggests that the city government is in need of fresh perspectives and ideas as it attempts to build Kunming into China's gateway to Southeast Asia and India.

Interested candidates must apply before May 20, interested parties can receive application forms by emailing gkzp@km.gov.cn.

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Hardly looking for international talent, you need to be a Chinese citizen, but if you are overseas you can still apply.


Well spotted Yuantongsi, error has been corrected, thanks.


"Candidates should be under the age of 40". How typical Chinese,, looking for people with a PhD and lots of experience in the fields mentioned. I think most people get their PhDs in their thirties,, not much time left to build up field experience. It reminds me of how the Chinese employers on job application forms want to know skin colour and demands a picture. At my workplace a woman recently didn't get hired "because she was too tall". Priceless.

Those of us who have held a Foreign Expert 'qualification' are bound, I suspect, to smile at such titles as; deputy... and assistant.... I suggest that with a foreign (perhaps) PhD in Economics, they will be more qualified than their heads of department (even at 40). And after a 2-year probation period of being told that, "it's always been done this way," these unfortunate citizens will likely rush to renew their foreign citizenship application.

Thanks for the news, Chris.

Mei from ID


You also need to be Chinese, over 50, a bit of Grey Hair, or they will not listen to you anyways.

That is just the way they do it, regardless of rules. Call it Culture.

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