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Kunming-London roundtrip for 4,000 yuan? Maybe.

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Hong Kong-based budget airline Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was forced to cancel its maiden non-stop flight from Hong Kong to London when it was notified by Russia that it could not fly into its airspace.

Since then, Oasis has announced that it has confirmation from Russia that it is allowed to fly through Russian airspace. Yesterday's flight was rescheduled for today.

Assuming no more problems with Russian airspace, Oasis' 1000-yuan direct flight to London will make it possible to fly from Kunming to London with only a stop in Hong Kong for around 5,000 yuan.

If you fly instead to Shenzhen and then take a jetboat, bus or train across the border to Hong Kong - we recommend the jetboat from Shenzhen airport - the price will be closer to 4,000 yuan

If you're willing to train it between Kunming and Shenzhen, that'd drop the travel costs for the whole trip to 3,000 yuan. Regardless of which travel plan you choose, they're all bloody cheap.

Update: It has been reported that Oasis' maiden flight from HK to London has successfully taken off. Haven't heard about anything going wrong with it, so it appears that the world's first long-haul budget flight is all systems go now.

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not sure about the maiden flight from HK to London but a friend of mine had a delay of nearly 24 hours at Gatwick airport for an Oasis flight the other way.

Infact I haven't yet heard back from her so I'm just assuming she finally made it to HK.


Budget airlines to HK is good news. I wonder if the bigger airlines caused problems for Oasis to fly over russian airspace? A Conspiracy?

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