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Dali bus strike resolved, drivers won't get shafted

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Bus drivers in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture returned to work late last week after striking for three days because their employer had attempted to strip them of their property, according to a China Daily report.

Around 500 bus drivers who operated routes connecting Xiaguan with remote counties throughout the prefecture went on strike last Tuesday to protest a document that had been distributed to them by Dali Transport Company (Group), their employer. According to China Daily:

Local bus drivers joined the company with their own vehicles. However, the company document said that the ownership of the buses would be transferred to the company, which bus drivers said would jeopardize their interests.

The strike left many residents of and visitors to Dali without bus service, but "no one... overreacted", according to a spokesperson from the Dali government, which negotiated a settlement between the drivers and the company.

The Dali dispute comes one month after bus drivers in Jinghong reacted violently to the local government's decision to break the local monopoly on bus tours in Xishuangbanna, which led to several Chinese travel agencies suspending tour services to the area.

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