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This weekend around Kunming

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Saturday: "Restless flesh" opening at TCG Nordica
Local artists Zhang Xingwang and Yan Renkui will launch their new exhibition at TCG Nordica in the Chuangku/Loft art compound on Xiba Lu on Saturday night. The 8:00 opening is free and open to the public.

Saturday: Wu Tun and Dong Zi at Speakeasy Bar
Chinese rock veterans Wu Tun (吴屯) and Dong Zi (冬子) will bring their national tour to Speakeasy Bar on Saturday night, with music starting at 9:30. Entry is 30 yuan.

Sunday: Wu Hongfei Speakeasy Bar
Beijing-based singer/songwriter Wu Hongfei (吴虹飞), who has been on extended holiday in Kunming over the last few weeks, will play the Speakeasy on Sunday night with special guest Leng Bingqi (冷兵器). Music starts at 9:00, entry is 30 yuan or 25 yuan for students.

Sunday: Free afternoon documentary at Yuansheng Studio
Yuansheng Studio will continue to hold free afternoon showings of documentaries from the Yunfest archives on Sunday afternoon, starting at 2:00. Sunday's documentary is Dear (亲爱的) a film by Gu Yaping (顾亚平) set in Beijing. The documentary will have English and Chinese subtitles. Entry is free.

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