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GoKunming happy hour at Chapter One!

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It's been a while since GoKunming last organized an event, now we're organizing another – our third so far – to provide a chance for GoKunming readers to meet and mingle.

This time around, GoKunming is teaming up with Chapter One to launch their brand-new happy hour. On Wednesday, August 6, join us at Chapter One on Wenlin Jie from 5:00 to 8:00 pm for cheeky Wednesday drinks on special. Here are the specials:

Tsingtao Beer – 7 yuan
Dali Beer – 7 yuan
BeerLao Dark (small) – 12 yuan
BeerLao (large) – 15 yuan

Singles – 12 yuan
Doubles – 18 yuan

Suntime Red Wine – 12 yuan/glass

*Note: Chapter One has recently doubled the amount of booze in their cocktails.

Don't forget - Chapter One's new happy hour specials will be available daily after August 6.

Chapter One also has two parties coming up. This Friday, August 1, Chapter One will be holding an all-you-can-drink party – 50 yuan is all you'll have to pay to get your fill of selected beers, cocktails and wine. The fun starts at 9 pm.

Also not to be missed, on Tuesday, August 12 Chapter One will be celebrating its fourth birthday with its annual birthday bash.

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