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Shelter opens to Finnish Invasion

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54Sounds Like Suomi#http://www.soundslikesuomi.com/blog/#. Considering it was a Tuesday night at a new bar that most people didn't know how to find, it was pretty close to a packed house.

Shelter, which is built out of an old bomb shelter under the Kunming Zoo (we didn't notice any funky zoo smells), was a pleasant surprise. It's a good size, with enough room for dancing up front and lounging in the back.

DJs Bommitommi and Dead-O played nice bass-heavy sets and former Kunming-based DJ Mael (who relocated to Beijing this year) also joined in the fun later in the evening.

There should be an even larger crowd tonight, with four acts playing, beginning around 10. Tonights featured acts are
Jimi Tenor, Helsinki Ghetto Bass Patrol, Bangkok Impact and Them Shepherds. We spoke with some of the acts, who said the tour had been going well in other cities but they were glad to be back in Kunming (拍马屁!). Honestly, we can see why they dig coming here, considering the warm reception they've received from locals and local laowai alike.

We tried to get the lowdown on what might happen during tonight's performances... evidently Jimi Tenor has been toying with sounds through an electric fan, which he might break out tonight, and Helsinki Ghetto Bass Patrol will be frequently dropping words like 'bitch' and 'ho', while attempting to incite general ass-shakery.

Four bands on a Wednesday night for free at a new bar... should be worth checking out.

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