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New rabies guidelines!

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Xinhua reported today that China's Ministry of Health has issued new guidelines on rabies treatments in the wake of an increase in rabies cases nationwide. According to the report, the guidelines outline treatment procedures including disinfection and vaccination, with an emphasis on prevention.

In the first nine months of this year, the Health Ministry recorded 2,254 cases of rabies, a 30% jump over the same period the year before.

Mouding: 1 down, 49,999 to go (AP)
Mouding: 1 down, 49,999 to go (AP)

Hopefully these new regulations will prove effective in fighting what in Chinese is known as 'mad dog sickness' (狂犬病) - and will help avoid a repeat of this summer's culling of dogs in Mouding County, here in Yunnan province. More than 50,000 dogs were killed in one week in Mouding, a response to three human rabies deaths in the county - including a four-year-old girl.

Since the bad publicity generated by the vigilante dog death squads in Yunnan and also Shandong province this summer, Beijing has begun to clamp down on unlicensed dogs and is increasing prevention efforts in the countryside.

Dogs shouldn't see this
Dogs shouldn't see this
Kunming is one of China's most dog-friendly cities (really!), if you own a dog, do your part and get it vaccinated.

Also, for psychological reasons, don't take it to that alley off of Renmin Lu just west of Dongfeng Xi Lu that is lined with dog restaurants.

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Anyone know how far Mouding County is west of Kunming center-city?

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