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Norwegian jazz ambassadors in Kunming

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Norwegian jazz trio Excess Luggage is in Kunming for two shows this week. Consisting of Steinar Nickelsen on organ, Vigleik Storaas on piano and Håkon Mjåset-Johansen on drums, the trio's trip to perform in Kunming is sponsored by the Norwegian embassy in Beijing.

502website#http://www.hammond.no/piano/# features a few sample mp3s and explains the reasoning behind the piano/organ combo and the band's name:

"We thought we should start a band to fight the airlines [sic] strict luggage policy, and found that a Hammond B-3, grand piano and drum kit would be the perfect solution."

As diverse as Kunming's music scene is, it is rather lacking in terms of jazz. Jazz aficionados have two chances to see one of Norway's more accomplished young jazz acts this week. Tonight at Speakeasy Bar the band will play a free show beginning at 10:30 and Saturday night they will take the stage at TC/G Nordica at 8:00, admission for the Nordica show is 30 yuan.

UPDATE: We have been notified (7.50pm) by Speakeasy management that the Thursday night show has been cancelled.

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amazing show, Kunming needs more live music of this caliber

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