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Subs show canceled due to earthquake

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In addition to the destruction and tragic loss of life Monday's earthquake caused in Wenchuan and elsewhere in Sichuan, many events in Sichuan and surrounding provinces including Yunnan have been canceled. One such event is the Kunming stop on the Subs' tour of west China.

Local music promoter Xiao Gui, posting on the Rock Yunnan BBS, announced the cancellation of the Subs show in Kunming originally scheduled for next Wednesday:

"Because of the earthquake, the band is unable to make it to Kunming from Gansu, there's no way around it, the performance has to be cancelled. This month has been truly unlucky, but we pray with devotion for the fortune of our compatriots. There will be loads of shows after the Olympics, let's all look forward to after the Olympics..."

Sam Debell of Speakeasy Bar, where the Subs/Noise Addiction show was to take place, confirmed that the show had been cancelled and expressed hope that it would be rescheduled for later this year. Debell said that the band was currently in Sichuan and was in good shape but unable to make it to Kunming.

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