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Kunming Outdoor Music Festival returns this month

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With the success of the first Kunming Outdoor Music Festival (昆明露天音乐节) last November, the event's organizers are bringing the all-day – and most of the night – music festival back to Taiping Town outside of Kunming on April 19. The all-local festival should be even more diverse than last time, with bands performing punk, blues, metal, hiphop, punk and bluegrass.

The lineup for this edition of the festival includes Heiyu (黑宇), Gouride (狗日的), Broken String (断弦), Endless Torture (无尽折磨), Noise Addiction, No Answer (打死我也不说), Brain Concussion (脑震荡), Co Op Sol (邪作社 – formerly known as Rap Republic), Kouxian (扣弦), Chicken Butt (鸡屁股), Tribal Moons (see above image), Chaling (叉灵), Fang Band (坊乐队), The Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project and Nicole.

The festival starts at noon and will go late into the night – festivalgoers are encouraged to bring tents to stay on the campground overnight. Food and drinks will also be on sale throughout the day and evening.

Tickets for the festival are 30 yuan at the gate, or 20 yuan if purchased in advance at The Hump Bar, Halfway House, Speakeasy Bar or Laowo Bar.

The festival will once again be held at the Wumozhai Jiuzhuang Eco-garden on Xiao Jie in Taiping Town (太平镇小街无墨斋酒庄生态元), near the city of Anning (安宁). According to event organizers, the number 17 bus at Xiao Ximen can be taken to Taiping Town, and there will also be a shuttle bus between Taiping Town and the Arts Theatre at Wuyi Lu and Dongfeng Xi Lu throughout the day for five yuan one way.

UPDATE: We have just received notice from the festival's organizers that the festival has been expanded to two days – with a short evening set on Friday, April 18th and 19th, with a few additional bands and DJs. Here's the schedule for the two days:

Friday, April 18th

8 pm: Gouride
9 pm: Jinzi
10 pm: Stiop
11 pm: Made in Dali
Midnight: Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project
1 am: Brain Concussion
Afterward: DJs Tantrum, Jezz and Menace

Saturday, April 19th

1 pm: Nicole
2 pm: Fang Band
3 pm: Anyeqi

4 pm: Brain Concussion
5 pm: Kouxian
6 pm: Gouride
7 pm: No Answer
8 pm: Tribal Moons
9 pm: Heiyu
10 pm: Broken String
11 pm: Co-op Sol
Midnight: Chaling
1 am: Endless Torture
2 am: Noise Addiction
Afterward: DJ Moon Unit/DJ Chengcheng

UPDATE 2: The festival site is rather difficult to find, here's a Chinese map:

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