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Vote now for the Best of Kunming Awards 2020-2021!

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You may have noticed voting is already officially underway for the Best of Kunming Awards 2020-2021. Until January 31 readers can choose their favorite Kunming businesses, establishments and travel destinations in 12 different categories. A separate, smaller group of categories in Chinese will be made available soon through GoKunming's official Chinese WeChat account.

This year, after having cast your ballot, live updates in this yearly survey can be observed by following the link above, or navigating to "awards" in the main menu. Each person can only vote once in each category, but may return to the voting page to participate in those categories not voted in before.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey and submit the names of their favorite places! Each group contains eight nominees — except for the two destinations categories, which have more. These lists automatically include last year's winners and further include user nominations submitted to the website.

How to vote

Voting for 2020-2021 is open to all registered GoKunming users. Simply log in and then place your votes here. If you do not yet have a GoKunming account, you can sign up by registering here. Alternatively we now support Facebook, LinkedIn and Google login options and are working on supporting WeChat in the near future. Each person is allowed only one ballot, so make sure yours counts!

Now, without further ado let the voting begin!

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