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It's been a long time coming, but here it is, at long last — the GoKunming search function.

You can find it on the homepage in the top menu bar on the right, or in the bottom menu when using GoKunming on your phone — click on the three dots in the right bottom corner when browsing GoKunming on your mobile.

The search results will show in a drop-down menu with the top three results in different website sections — articles, listings, classifieds and events. Later on we will add forum posts to the search results. The three 'best' results will be shown in the drop-down list, but you can browse all results by clicking on the 'see all...' arrow, to the right of the search categories in the drop-down search results.

We want to thank GoKunming readers for their endless patience — you have requested a good search function many times over the years. We hope it will increase the usability of the website. Please let us know through the contact form or email team@gokunming.com if you notice any bugs or have suggestions for further site improvement. We will continue to work on the site.

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Oh thank g*d. We've been asking for this feature for donkey years...Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you....

Forum search has been added to the global search as well as of today. We try to optimize the results to be as relevant as possible. Meanwhile, we'd love to get feedback on the current user experience. We will keep making improvements to the website, and are planning to add the new search function to the header (top menu) of each page in the near future as well for optimal access.

Wow. At last! Great news.

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