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Civilized traffic: One Belt One Helmet

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Hot on the heels of the notice concerning civilized dog keeping is another directive, issued after the 'Civilized Kunming' evaluation of the first quarter of this year.

This time it's e-bike riders that are warmly prompted that wearing a helmet is a good idea. Kunming police will start issuing reminders to wear a helmet to e-bike drivers as of today, but as yet it is not compulsory. 20 education points for non-motorized traffic will be opened across Kunming, so drivers can be educated on the dangers of reckless driving — with videos of accidents on hand to drive the message home — and learn the traffic regulations. Promotion materials such as posters and leaflets will be put up around the city.

One Belt One Helmet

The "One Belt One Helmet" operation is a national initiative from the Public Security Bureau aimed at increasing the use of seat belts in cars and helmets on e-bikes.

Traffic accident statistics say that over the past three years, nearly 80% of fatal road accidents were brain injuries caused by e-bike riders. It is estimated that helmets can reduce fatal traffic accidents by 60% to 70%.

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