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How to find and post online events on GoKunming

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Since many of us are still at home or quarantined in a hotel due to the Covid-19 pandemic, here is a handy new GoKunming feature that will allow you to find out about all the live streaming events happening in Kunming — and beyond.

Live streaming has surged over the last two months, and we want to make everything available to you and make life a bit more entertaining by sharing and promoting these events.

Featured events are webinars, live DJ sets, cooking shows, language classes and we expect to see much more added to the list.

You can find webinars and other online events in our live streaming calendar.

How to add live streaming events to the calendar

If you are doing a live online event, here is how you can add it to the calendar. It's not location specific, and it's free!

We have created different categories. If you would like to post a webinar, please go here. All other live streaming events can be added here. Click 'add your event', fill out the form and after approval it will appear in the calendar.

This is work in progress, so if you have any feedback, encounter any issues or have any related questions, feel free to get in touch through the contact form or email [vera] at [gokunming [dot] com, we'll be happy to help.

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