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Giveaway: Tickets for Sturle Dagsland

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This coming Wednesday, a highly acclaimed duo from Norway — Sturle Dagsland — will be performing in Kunming. Described variously as "The Christ of experimental music" (Arctic Drones), "Indescribable" (VICE) and "Unlike anything I have ever heard before" (The Quietus) this promises to be one of the musical highlights of the year.

Even if Kunming is hosting more and more interesting international acts, it is still rare to have the opportunity to see such cutting edge musical performances. Where Kunming once was just a chosen destination for the most adventurous touring outfits, this is sign that it is now being seen as a primary cultural market aside from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

Stulre Dagsland is a duo of two brothers, Sturle and Sjur Dagsland, who alternate at playing on an array of instruments and electronics, harmonically creating an expressive, progressive ever-changing soundscape. This is dominated by Sturle's unrestrained and innovative vocals, ranging from ravening ferocious screams to virtuous angelic chanting. His distinctive voice, large vocal range, multilingual lyrics and unique approach to songwriting and composition won him the Emerging Artist Award in Copenhagen, and they have toured extensively all across the world ever since.

Between the busy tour schedules of the past years, Sturle Dagsland have been constantly working on recording music, which has taken them to high mountain tops in Norway, abandoned industrial areas in Russia, legendary Soviet military ships in Eastern Europe, the sites of former concentration camps in Germany, a lighthouse in the North Sea, and singing with wolves on dogsledding tours in the outback of Greenland.

As befits such a pioneering and unquantifiable artist, Sturle Dagsland will not be performing in a traditional live house setting, rather opting to perform at Kunming's ambitious Contemporary Gallery Kunming which should, in its own right, be a priority destination for any Kunming resident who has yet to visit. Joining the show, this coming Wednesday September 11 at 7pm, are local experimental music icons Wang Jiyun + Yotam Sivan and Bindspot Zone. This promises to be a landmark event for Kunming experimental music scene.

Local promotor Sea of Wood and GoKunming are happy to give away five pairs of tickets to the Sturle Dagsland show. For a chance to win two tickets, send us the correct answer to the following trivia question, along with your name and phone number via the GoKunming contact form before Wednesday noon. We will randomly select the winners and contact them by phone. Good luck!

What are the latitude and longitude coordinates of Sturle Dagsland's city of residence?

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