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Kunming bands to play outdoor music festival

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Judging from the growing numbers of outdoor music festivals across China including Beijing's Midi Festival and Modern Sky Festival, Shanghai's Yue Festival and JZ Festival and Lijiang's Snow Mountain Festival, it would seem the country has caught music festival fever. An all-day outdoor music festival featuring a diverse lineup of local bands will add Kunming to the rather short list of Chinese cities with outdoor music festivals this year.

Rap Republic
Rap Republic
The Kunming Outdoor Music Festival (昆明露天音乐节) will be held on November 10 at Taiping Town (太平镇) from 10 am to midnight. Bands scheduled to appear include Heiyu (黑宇), Concussion (脑震荡), Gouride (狗日的), Rap Republic (说唱共和国), MC3, Matu and the Tribal Moons, No Answer (打死我也不说), Strong Sailor (大力水手), Jisheng Qianye (寄生前夜), Noise Addiction, Broken String (断弦) and Additional Injury (额外伤害).

Tickets for the 14-hour event cost 20 yuan and are on sale around the Wenlin Jie area at Halfway House, Speakeasy Bar, Mingtan Barroom and The Box. Chartered buses to and from the event will be available, and buses from Xiao Ximen are also available, call 13668732582 for more information.

(Editor's note: Some posters erroneously advertising this event as taking place on the 9th have been put up around town. We've confirmed with the organizers that this is a mistake and the festival will take place on the 10th.)

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