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Yunnan Foreign Business Club charity event for Heart to Heart

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Millions of people make this city come alive daily, and throughout its renaissance, Kunming has achieved a growing status both domestically and abroad. While the main concepts used to promote the city revolve around becoming more cosmopolitan and progressive, the reality is Kunming's backbone — those that build and toil in the shadows — are more often than not migrant workers from the countryside.

The migrant population in Kunming is beset by many challenges. These include gaining access to proper education and health care services, finding adequate housing, confronting worker safety issues, among many others. In an effort to help out, the Yunnan Foreign Business Club (YFBC), in cooperation with Kunming's own Heart to Heart Community Care center, has organized its first ever charity fundraising event.

About the Yunnan Foreign Business Club

Kunming has a small but constantly growing community of foreigners attempting to build better lives in here in Yunnan's capital. Many of them have created businesses ranging in scope from food and beverage, to manufacturing, to education. In the spirit of creating lasting relationships and fostering a better understanding with the people of their adopted province, YFBC sprang into existence last year. Now with more than 30 members, YFBC was organized to not only unify information and resources, but also to make our small community connect and integrate better with Kunming as a whole. To this end, YFBC is proud to announce its first charity fundraising event will take place this Friday, March 11, at Alei Lounge Club.

About Heart to Heart

Since 2005, Heart to Heart's vision has been to support and educate the vast migrant worker population of Kunming through outreach programs. The main focuses have been dealing with school supplies, working in the field of domestic violence prevention and intervention, helping provide legal representation, and much more.

March 11 fundraiser

The event's goal is to raise money for a direct cash donation. For YFBC members and the larger foreign community, this is an incredibly positive opportunity to reach out, as we live and work in a city which has flourished because of the work migrants do. Additionally, Heart to Heart has the proper legal standing to help effect lasting change, while also coming highly recommended, having worked with the foreign community many times in the past. All of these were important and deciding variables in selecting them, as many other charities, while representing noble causes, do not allow direct donations.

This Friday night at Alei will consist of live music performed by John Nevada and the Yucca Nukes, A.L.E. aka The Amerolitivian Expedition, and DJ Xiao Kris. Also importantly, there will be a short introduction and a live auction of products and services graciously donated by our sponsors, many of whom are YFBC members.

The highest bidder will be awarded each prize and the entirety of all bids will be donated. There will be a donation box for cash on hand, as well as a digital, anonymous donation format. The first band will perform at 9pm and the auction will commence before 10pm. Alei will also donate 20 percent of the night's gross revenue to the fundraiser total. If you or a business you know would like to donate money or an item for auction, please use the GoKunming contact form to get in touch.

More information in English regarding Heart to Heart is available here, while a Chinese-language profile can be found here. We believe that with your help, the Yunnan Foreign Business Club can help make a difference in the lives of a Kunming population that is certainly under-appreciated, and at times overwhelmed. Thanks in advance for your interest and for supporting our goals in building better lives in the Spring City.

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Really an excellent idea, folks. Count me in.

cool... i try to send some of my business students there... keep the business, the exchange and the charity

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