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Winners: Best of Kunming Awards 2015-2016

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Voting has concluded and the results have been tallied for the Best of Kunming Awards 2015-2016. Just as with last year, participation was overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who took the time to cast a ballot both on the website and via WeChat. Winners were recognized at the third annual Best of Kunming Awards Ceremony on Saturday, January 9. We'll publish a complete write-up of the event January 12.

Photographer: He Xinwen (何新闻)
Photographer: He Xinwen (何新闻)

For this year's results, we included the winners and runners up for website voting, both followed by the percentage of total votes received by each. Below those winners are those businesses and venues which won on WeChat. And now, without further ado, the winners for the Best of Kunming Awards 2015-2016...

Award Winners

Best Chinese Cuisine (website)

Winner: Tusheng Shiguan (25%)

Runner up: 1910 La Gare du Sud (17%)

Best Chinese Cuisine (WeChat)

Winner: Tusheng Shiguan

Best International Cuisine (website)

Winner: The Park Bar and Grill (23%)

Runner up: Cantina (21%)

Best International Cuisine (WeChat)

Winner: Cantina

Best Café (website)

Winner: Salvador's Coffee House (58%)

Runner up: French Café (Wenlin Jie location) (15%)

Best Café (WeChat)

Winner: Prague Café (Beichen location)

Best Bar (website)

Winner: O'Reilly's Irish Pub • Beer Garden (26%)

Runner up: Fubar (19%)

Best Bar (WeChat)

Winner: Camel Bar

Best Night Club (website)

Winner: Club Vervo (49%)

Runner up: V+ Club (20%)

Best Nightclub (WeChat)

Winner: V+ Club

Best Hotel (website)

Winner: Green Lake Hotel (48%)

Runner up: InterContinental Kunming (17%)

Best Hotel (WeChat)

Winner: Empark Grand Hotel

Best Guesthouse (website)

Winner: Lost Garden Guesthouse & Restaurant (42%)

Runner up: The Hump Hostel (32%)

Best Guesthouse (WeChat)

Winner: IviesWill International Youth Hostel

Best Mandarin School (website only)

Winner: Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture (36%)

Runner up: Kunming Keats School (27%)

Best English School (WeChat only)

Winner: Lighthouse International English

Best Kunming Attraction (website)

Winner: Green Lake Park (41%)

Runner-up: Bamboo Temple (15%)

Best Kunming Attraction (WeChat)

Winner: Western Hills

Best Yunnan Travel Destination (website)

Winner: Dali Old Town (21%)

Runner-up: Tiger Leaping Gorge (19%)

Best Yunnan Travel Destination (WeChat)

Winner: Puzhehei

Congratulations once again to all of our winners! We would also like to once again extend our gratitude to everyone who took the time to vote and come out the awards show. We hope everyone who attended the ceremony had as much fun as we did. Voting and the awards event would not have been possible without the 2015-2016 Best of Kunming Awards sponsors, which included ACMEC, Anthura Flowers, Banyan Tree Ringha, Blessing Gifts, Dali Bar, Green Supermarket, La Bharive Spa, Mucun Lakeside Resort and Hotel, Old Theatre Inn, The One Resort, Shangri-la Beer, S-MAX Digital Technology Co, Yang Liping, Yigao Fitness Center and Yutao Yoga Studio.

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