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Heavy rains battering Yunnan

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The almost nonstop rains in Kunming over the last couple of weeks have been inconvenient for Kunming residents, affecting traffic, laundry and even bathing for those who heat their water with solar power. For residents of Yunnan's countryside however, the rains have been much more than inconvenient - they have been destructive and deadly.

Dozens of Yunnan residents have died and thousands have been displaced throughout the province as relentless rains continue to pour throughout the province. Recent rains have destroyed more than 4,000 homes in Yunnan, with areas such as Dehong, Pu'er and Tengchong among the hardest-hit.

Fifty-nine people died last week alone from mudslides and other rain-related accidents and the highway linking Tengchong with Myanmar has been rendered useless by mudslides.

This summer's heavy rains and flooding across southern China are described as the worst since 1998, when 4,150 people died.

All travelers in Yunnan should exercise caution in making their travel plans. Visiting remote places with limited road access is not advisable over the coming weeks.

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