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Kunming economy racks up strong first-half growth

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Kunming's economy posted its fastest first-half growth in ten years this year, with municipal GDP growing by 13.9 percent, well above China's national growth rate. In the first six months of this year Kunming's GDP totaled 59.2 billion yuan (US$7.8 billion), with much of its growth a result of strong performances by the city's industrial sector, which accounted for 20.5 billion yuan.

Kunming's foreign trade jumped a substantial 41.9 percent over the first half of 2006, with total import-export value surging to US$3.1 billion, accounting for 76 percent of Yunnan province's total foreign trade during the six-month period.

Retail sales in Kunming also grew quickly, surging 17.1 percent over the first half of last year to reach a total of 24.4 billion yuan.

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