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Ludian Earthquake fundraiser pulls in 23,000 yuan

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Five days after a devastating 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit northeast Yunnan, people from all around Kunming got together for the We are Yunnan fundraiser. The goal of the event was to raise money for the hundreds of thousands of people who lost everything in the quake.

We are happy to report that the evening was a resounding success. In addition to collecting more than a dozen bags full of clothing, blankets and shoes, attendees graciously contributed a combined 23,557.80 yuan to relief efforts going on in and around Ludian County (鲁甸县). The money was donated to an earthquake outreach center on Monday afternoon, and the clothing will be delivered to the Kunming branch of the Red Cross on Tuesday.

More than 250 people bought tickets for the event, which featured performances by six Kunming-based bands and DJ Xiao Kris, after which a midnight lucky draw was held. The spirit of the evening was perhaps punctuated by an incredibly generous gentleman who purchased more than half of the one thousand raffle tickets sold during the show.

Friday night's fundraiser would not have been possible without all of those who attended. Thank you to everyone who contributed. We hope you had a wonderful time! GoKunming and DT Bar would also like to thank the members of the bands Large Forehead (大脑门), John Nevada Lundemo and the Howling Void, Rose Garden Lord (玫瑰园主), Big Lottery (大乐透), Mayuan Poets (麻园诗人), The Wild Rovers, and DJ Xiao Kris, all of whom put on fantastic live performances.

We also extend our gratitude to the businesses who donated raffle items. These include Crowne Plaza Kunming City Centre, Slice of Heaven, Brooklyn Pizzeria, Alei Lounge Club & Tapas Bar, Moondog, The Whisky People, Xieyu Luozhou Seafood Restaurant, Club Vervo, Salvador's Coffee House, Lost Garden Guesthouse & Restaurant, TNS Climbing Center and Bodhisattva Lotus. The night would also not have been possible without massive help from Sarah, Rose, Ian, Sam, Cas, Barbara, Fanfan, Juliette, Matu and X-Ray.

Good work, Kunming!

Images: Patrick Scally and Matu

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I am suprised that the money will be given to mainland Chinas Red Cross. There has been some bad publicity about them. I had presumed that the money would go to HK Red Cross, as it did with the Phillipines Fundraiser...

Thanks for the info. My respect for the guy who bought more than half of the raffle tickets and then still raised additional money by auctioning all the prices he won. meaning almost 25% of the total success is his personal contribution. @mPRin: Is the earthquake outreach center identical with the Red Cross?

The money was not given to the Red Cross. It was given to a fund set up by provincial disaster relief officials.

thank you for the update scally!

I think the scandal with China Red Cross is just from some batty bored face needing rich bich who claimed she and her pals were top red cross officials and gorpt away with it cuz no one bothers to check rich peoples resumes. Similar to how CEO resumes all contain bogus degrees if you just bother to check.

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