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Jin Feibao summits Mt McKinley

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247trek to the North Pole#http://www.gokunming.com/en/blog/item/260/#, he has moved on to Alaska in the United States, where he has been climbing Mt McKinley. Due to weather and geographical conditions, Jin's satellite phone has only worked sporadically and he has not been in regular contact with us as on his previous expeditions. He did manage to get through after summiting Mt Mckinley - below is a transcript of his telephone report to Kunming.

"I have successfully reached the summit, and have safely come down to Camp 4. On June 30 [Saturday Beijing time] the weather was nice and sunny. We started early from Camp 5 at 17,200 feet and climbed up a very steep ridge. When we reached 18,400 feet a climber from Germany who was in another climbing team fainted and fell to the icy ground. It was an emergency so the German team leader asked our tour guide's help and our tour guide helped him to carry the unconscious man down to Camp 5. Afterward, our guide climbed up again to join us.

When we reached a spot only 330 feet short of the summit, we looked up and discovered the path to the summit was on a knife-sharp ridge covered by thick snow. The path looked like a high, steep roof - we had to walk on the eaves of the ridge to reach the summit. If the eaves collapsed, we would surely plummet and die.

After considering the situation, three members of my team decided to turn back and some other climbers in other teams also decided to give up. At this critical moment, I didn't care if I was scared or not, I just had one thought in my head: I could do it. Under the instruction of our guide, I finally made it to the summit at 20,320 feet!

The space at the summit was very small - only about two square meters - so we had to take photos one by one. Before taking photos, we had to shove our ice axes deep
into the snowy ground to keep us safe. Standing at the summit, I displayed China's national flag, the 2008 Beijing Olympic flag and a few other banners. When I took out the Olympic flag, everyone with me on the summit said they would like to come to Beijing to watch the games in 2008. I said loudly and proudly: "Welcome, welcome, the Beijing Olympic Games will surely be one of the best ever!"

After taking photos, we started heading back down, which unfortunately was not easier than going up. We were already exhausted at that time which made it easier to fall down. We had to focus all our attention on the descending route and hold our ice axes very tightly. Looking down the steep ridge, I was scared. I told myself again and again: "hold on, hang on, keep going." Although I felt very hungry, thirsty and cold I kept moving slowly and carefully. Finally, I safely reached Camp 5. I looked at my watch - it was 00:05 am July 1 [US local time], so, it took me 16 hours to climb from Camp 5 to the summit and back.

Now, I have already come down to Camp 4. Tomorrow, I should be back at Base Camp."

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