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Preview and Giveaway: Tuborg Greenfest Music Festival

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Yunnan's annual festival season has undoubtedly arrived, and after a two-year absence the organizers of 500KM Music Festival have arranged another weekend event and found a beer sponsor. The newest festival to hit the province is scheduled to be held at Kunming's sprawling World Horticultural Expo Garden (世博园).

The 2013 Tuborg Greenfest Music Festival (2013乐堡绿放音乐节) will be take place September 28 and 29 and perhaps differs from similar events because it lacks a pop icon like 2011 500KM headliner Cui Jian (崔健).

Instead, the festival line-up features a large selection of disparate but popular bands coming from all corners of China. Kunming will be represented by Yellow Barcode and DJ Maxi, as well as Shanren and AK-47 — the latter two having relocated from the Spring City to Beijing.

As with many Yunnan festivals the schedule is divided between two stages. Bands will perform on either the Greenfest or the Tuborg stages. Hopefully they will not be facing each other, as they were two years ago ago at 500KM. Tickets for the event can be purchased online or at Wheatfield Bookstore. Single day passes are 100 yuan and two-day tickets cost 160 yuan.

Black Head making their moms proud
Black Head making their moms proud

Schedule for Saturday, September 28

Greenfest stage

• 17:00-17:40 Black Head (黑撒)
• 18:00-18:40 Mr Chelonian (海龟先生)
• 19:00-19:40 Yico Zeng (曾轶可)
• 20:00-20:40 AK-47
• 21:00-21:40 Escape Plan (逃跑计划)
• 22:00-23:00 New Pants with Zhang Qiang (新裤子+张蔷)

Tuborg stage

• 17:40-18:20 TBOR
• 18:40-19:10 Haozi (浩子)
• 19:40-20:10 Song Dongye (宋冬野)
• 20:40-21:20 Hao Meimei (好妹妹)
• 21:30-23:30 DJ Maxi

XTX rocking out in the rain
XTX rocking out in the rain

Schedule for Sunday, September 29

Greenfest stage

• 17:00-17:40 DA BANG
• 18:00-18:40 The Life Journey (旅行团)
• 19:00-19:40 Matiao (马条)
• 20:00-20:40 Shanren (山人)
• 21:00-21:40 Pengtan (彭坦)
• 22:00-23:00 XTX (谢天笑)

Tuborg stage

• 17:40-18:20 Yellow Barcode (黄色条码)
• 18:40-19:10 False Man (马頔)
• 19:40-20:10 A Si (阿肆)
• 20:40-21:20 Wild Child (野孩子)
• 21:30-23:30 Tiger9stein


GoKunming and Tuborg Greenfest Music Festival organizers will be giving away five pairs of tickets. Each pass provides entry to both days of the festival. Simply send your answers to the following two questions through our contact form.

Tuborg is a Danish beer and one of William Shakespeare's most famous plays is largely set in Denmark. What name did Shakespeare give to his only son and how do most scholars believe the boy died?

To receive consideration, all entries must include the correct answers, your name and a current phone number. The first five people meeting these criteria will be announced in the comments section below and notified directly.

Good luck!

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We have our winners! Congratulations to Alex, Didier, Don, Lauren and Peter! Thanks to everyone who participated.

About the band in the last picture: they are not the Wild Child 野孩子, as they are 美好药店. Both from Beijing, but totally different people. No one noticed it?

Our mistake. Mislabeled photo has been removed.

Went to wheatfield bookstore and they don't have anymore tickets. Does anybody know anywhere other than online to buy tickets? Thanks.

hi, just noticed that the Tuborg Greenfest Music Festival giveaway lists 'Don' as a winner. i think i remember forgetting to include my mobile number and I've yet to meet another Don but... wishful thinking i guess!

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