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Full-court basketball at Wuhua Stadium

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Trying to find good full-court basketball in Kunming is difficult, but not impossible. One of the city's better-kept secrets is the multi-purpose gym behind the Wuhua District Stadium (五华区体育场). Well-hidden behind a sauna around the back of the stadium, the gym is features a nice full-size basketball court that can be rented by the hour.

We joined a group of about 15 players and played a three-team tournament for two hours. Everyone chipped in 20 yuan and agreed to return at the same time every week. The facilities include changing rooms and restrooms, however there are no showers.

If basketball is not your cup of tea, the space can also be rented for badminton, ping pong or volleyball. The staff is very helpful and can set up for whatever sport you want and even provide some equipment.

In Kunming, there is no shortage of people looking to get some exercise and this gym allows for you to decide the sport, the people and the time. It is open daily from 8am to midnight.

Ping-pong costs 10 yuan per hour and badminton is 15 yuan per hour. During peak hours (6pm to midnight) prices increase to 15 and 20 yuan, respectively.

Basketball and volleyball rates are 150 yuan per hour, regardless of the time. Call ahead to find available times and to reserve the court. If you make your group into a weekly occurrence, you may even get a discount.

The gym is located at 13 Dianchi Lu, near the intersection of Dianchi Lu, Huancheng Nan Lu and Xiyuan Nan Lu in southwest downtown Kunming. Click here to view our map of Kunming.

Wuhua District Stadium Basketball Court
13 Dianchi Lu
Tel: 4190447

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