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Olympic Torch to pass through Yunnan

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Prior to the commencement of the Beijing Olympics next year, the Olympic Torch will go on its most extensive tour of the Chinese mainland ever. The International Olympic Committee has approved the torch's route - which includes appearances in Kunming and Lijiang.

The aluminum torch is 72 centimeters in height and weighs 985 grams. The torch will cover a distance of more than 137,000 kilometers (85,000 miles) during its 130-day journey. It will arrive in China on March 31, during which a torch will be lit with the intention of taking it to the summit of Mount Everest on a day chosen for ideal climatic conditions.

The torch is modeled after ancient Chinese scrolls and features an 'auspicious cloud' design. Its casting was designed by the Lenovo Creative Center and the torch's burning system was designed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Group. The torch will be powered by clean-burning propane.

Who will represent Kunming during the Olympic Torch relay? According to our sources, at least one Kunming resident will play a major role in the relay. More about that when he's back from his current trip up north... way north.

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