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Things to do on May Day

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Much of Kunming will slow down for the May Day/International Labor Day holiday next week, but there will still be some activities, especially on May Day itself (Tuesday).

Kunming Anime Expo
The first Kunming Anime Expo will be held from May 1 to May 7 at the Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Hall on Cuihu Xi Lu, across from the southwest corner of Cuihu Park (aka Green Lake Park).

The Expo will feature different styles of original anime and manga from China and overseas, video games, an animation recruitment area, autograph sessions by famous anime and manga artists and a 'Cosplay competition and performance area'. Local illustrator Ma Haofeng, who recently held an exhibition of his works at Bunny, will be one of the featured artists at the expo. The Expo will run from 9-10 daily and tickets will cost 30 yuan per day. For more details contact the Expo's office at 4137567

Kunming Skateboard Championship
Skate shop 911 Club is sponsoring a skateboard competition on May 1 at the skate park outside of New Southwest Shopping Mall just southwest of the intersection of Renming Zhong Lu and Qingnian Lu. Registration for the 9:00 am event is free and first prize is 800 yuan in cash plus a skateboard and skate shoes from 911 Club. There are cash and merchandise prizes for the top five finishers. Participants must register by Saturday and need to bring one passport-size photo to 911 Club at 41 Wenhua Xiang. For more details call Xiao Lin at 6741482 or Xiao Yang at 13658858985.

Dali Third Month Festival
If you're looking for something outside of Kunming, Dali's Third Month Festival (三月街) will be held on May 1 on the west side of the old town outside the city walls. The festival, which dates back to the days of the Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Route (茶马古道), is the biggest in Yunnan, attracting hundreds of thousands of people. Today the festival's market is more dominated by everyday household goods and consumer items, but a little looking around and you will be able to find some of the herbal medicines and traditional crafts that are still available.

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