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Squash at the Kunming Athletic Center

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Now that the cold gray winter is a distant memory, much of Kunming is emerging from its hibernation and discovering extra pockets of fat that didn't exist a few months ago.

Luckily, Kunming is one of China's best cities for running, cycling, tennis, basketball and a host of other sports. Thumbing our nose at the beautiful weather this week, we opted to hit the squash courts at the Kunming Municipal Athletic Center (昆明市体育中心).

For the uninitiated, squash is a fast-paced indoor racket sport similar to racketball. The game derives its name from the highly squashable ball used in play.

Our first visit to the squash hall (壁球场) was a pleasant surprise. It features ten squash courts, changing rooms with a nice shower and ball, racket and even shoe rental. An hourly fee of 35 yuan rents a court (40 yuan for the upstairs courts), two balls and two rackets. Dark-soled shoes are prohibited, so wear light-soled shoes or be prepared to rent a pair on site for four yuan (shoes only go up to size 44).

Open daily from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm, the courts are busiest on weekends and around 6-8 pm on weekdays, it is advisable to book a court in advance during these peak times.

The Kunming Municipal Athletic Center Squash Hall is located in the back of the Kunming Municipal Athletic Center parking lot, across from the Kunming Gymnasium (昆明体育馆) on Huancheng Xi Lu, a five-minute walk west from the flyover at the west end of Yieryi Da Jie.

Kunming Municipal Athletic Center Squash Hall
Huan Cheng Xi Lu, opposite Kunming Gymnasium
Tel: 5323024

To learn more about squash, visit the World Squash Federation website.

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