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New road to bring Jiaozi Snow Mountain closer to Kunming

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Yulong, Haba, Meili... Yunnan has plenty of well-known snow-capped mountains. But many Kunming residents are unaware of the closest snow mountain to the city: Jiaozi Snow Mountain (轿子雪山).

By May of next year, a new road connecting the city of Kunming with Jiaozi Snow Mountain will be completed, halving the travel time from four to two hours, according to a Kunming Information Hub report.

The mountain, whose highest peak is 4,247 meters above sea level, is 167 kilometers due north of Kunming's urban district, in Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County (禄劝彝族苗族自治县) at the north end of Kunming Prefecture. It was first designated as a natural protected area in 1989.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain's name comes from the word for sedan chair (轿子), as many believe the mountain looks like a sedan chair being lifted upward. There is a base camp at 3,800 meters that is used as a jumpoff point for hiking.

The mountain is Kunming's closest skiing option and is also famous for its rhododendrons, which bloom in the spring. It also features an alpine lake, the highest in central Yunnan.

The new road connecting Kunming's Wuhua District with Jiaozi Snow Mountain will cost a total of 4.1 billion yuan (US$619.7 million) and is expected to stimulate tourism in northern Kunming Prefecture.

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Hi! does anyone know how to get there by public transportation?
Which bus? which bus station? how much does it cost? are there some guesthouse around that you can sleep in?



Yeah, there is a special place:fresh air,clear water, green trees and kind of flowers.My home is located at the foot of the Jiaozi Snow Mountain.welcome to our hometown,and you can get the particular feeling.

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